Mental Wealth T-Shirt

Much like a bank account, our mental health is constantly changing. Sometimes there are withdrawals or deposits. We fall into deficit at times, and we even get slapped with taxes. Knowing that our mental health is an ever-changing system allows us to retain a greater sense of self even when we feel emotionally bankrupt. We can always make another deposit and increase our balance often just by changing our perspective, dismissing toxic junk from our environment… or by healing our unresolved pain. Within the confusing complexity of things that we might think have lessened our worth— such as our traumas— there actually lies unique WEALTH.  Special skills, perspectives, abilities, insight, wisdom, heightened compassion, new inclinations and callings…all come from chaos. We find a special Nobility as we define our own worth using these gifts to build an elevated, unique existence.

All our tees are unisex. They are custom-spun fabric woven of 100% Supima Cotton. Our tee patterns are custom designed for superior fit and style. After our garments are sewn and the graphics applied, they are sueded, hand distressed, and given a special fabric wash for a soft vintage feel. All our graphics are original art by Dave & PADHiA and applied through discharge printing— a process that leaves the graphics soft and permanent.  All our fabrication is done through local businesses in downtown LA. Our collections are Limited Edition, don’t miss out!

100% Supima Cotton
Limited Edition