I’ll Never Be The Sane T-Shirt

Often we fight the ways our story has shaped us and try to fit into some mold that society deems "normal". Fuck it.  The whole world can feel like one giant trigger. Might as well enjoy it, blow it up even bigger as you find great humor and beauty… and use it to fuel unique creations. 

All our tees are unisex. They are custom-spun fabric woven of 100% Supima Cotton. Our tee patterns are custom designed for superior fit and style. After our garments are sewn and the graphics applied, they are sueded, hand distressed, and given a special fabric wash for a soft vintage feel. All our graphics are original art by Dave & PADHiA and applied through discharge printing— a process that leaves the graphics soft and permanent.  All our fabrication is done through local businesses in downtown LA. Our collections are Limited Edition, don’t miss out!

100% Supima Cotton
Limited Edition