Temporary Tattoo- Diagnosis Human

We all have our stories, struggles, disorders, traumas, misadventures, flaws, and defects. That is the greatest thing that connects us, not what should isolate us.  We are all just human. 

Diagnosis Human
Temporary Tattoo 5" x 1" 

Our custom temporary tattoos are safe on the skin and can be easily removed with baby oil. To apply, use dry hands and cutting out the tattoo as close to the graphic as possible. Then remove the plastic layer and place the tattoo face-down with the image side touching your skin. Using a wet cloth or sponge, cover the entire tattoo, and hold it on top of the tat for 10-15 seconds - make sure the entire tattoo is wet. Finally, slide off the backing paper and let your customized tattoo air dry! Our DD temporary tattoos are waterproof and durable and will last several days or more days, depending on how you take care of them.

Original and Custom art by Dave Navarro and PADHiA